Business Proposal

Venue introduction

Inspired by the concept of Lihpao Racing Park, in addition to the existing kart building, event center and welcome building, a motorsports museum, motorsports-themed restaurant, as well as exhibit and experiential space for major international automakers will be constructed. For the next phase of the project, an extreme sports ground and theme hotel will be developed to bedazzle the people of Taiwan with an abundance of racing-related elements.

In the future, racing will not be limited to inside the race track, as street circuits like those found in Macau and Japan will be created in conjunction with the Lih Pao Group's hotels nationwide to form a more comprehensive tourism chain. Besides allowing the country's citizens to appreciate international motorsports events, the aim is also to showcase Taiwan's infinite potential in developing motorsports, recreation and tourism.

Suitable activities

Racing events, venue rental, car owners' club activities, product launches, functions, photoshoots, interviews.

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