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Discovery World (Theme Park)

Home to the “Gravity Max,” the world’s only tilt roller coaster. There are also tens of other thrilling rides and facilities.

Lihpao Resort Fullon Hotel

A 5-star resort hotel with 272 rooms that can accommodate over 1,000 guests.

Mala Bay (Water Park)

Lihpao’s “Big Tsunami” artificial wave pool is the largest and most advanced of its kind in Southeast Asia and can make waves up to 3 meters in height. The 11 aquatic facilities and outdoor theater transport visitors to an island resort.

Lihpao Racing Park

A professional and internationally accredited racing circuit built to the highest standards.

Lihpao Road Station

Located next to National Highways 1, 3, and 4, Lihpao Land Road Station offers numerous recreational services including the Houli Visitor Information Center, Subway, Caffe Bene, Texas Church's Fried Chicken, and FamilyMart convenience store, making it the ideal choice for convenient dining and recreation among nearby residents and national highway users.

Sky Dream Ferris Wheel

A new lifestyle outlet mall that encompasses fashion, cultural creativity, lifestyle, entertainment, pet park and a huge scenic food court. The “Sky Dream” Ferris Wheel with a height of 120 m is the largest in Taiwan. The 60 luxury gondolas offer sweeping daytime and nighttime views.


T11 HOTEL T12 HOTEL is the only racing-themed hotel in Taiwan. With 230 rooms, nearly half are over a commanding view of the scintillating track. The unique sportsman energy breakfast kicks off your one of a kind Lihpao racing vacation!


The largest resort outlet mall in Taiwan provides shopping, fine foods, family recreation, and movie entertainment with prices starting at 80% discount all year round. The vibrant façade inspired by Portofino, the most stunning Starbucks clock tower store in Taiwan, and Lake Como are some of the photogenic locations that evoke the romantic feeling of shopping in Italy.

FIA named Lihpao Racing Park the best go-kart circuit in Asia

The progressive completion of the track facilities at Taichung Lihpao Resort has made it Taichung’s best theme park as well as the most comprehensive resort park in Taiwan. Motor racing fans can speed around the racing park while their families and friends can enjoy all the recreational activities that the extensive park grounds have to offer.


Lihpao Resort address:No. 8, Furong Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City 421, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Racing Park address:No. 185, Sec. 1, Yuemei E. Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City 421, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Reception Center:09:30-18:30

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VR Arcade, Children’s Education Pavilion, Go-Kart and Vertical Wind Tunnel experience hours:


GoKart Experience hours:Priority is given to advance bookings on weekdays. Please book in advance to save time.
Experience hours:10:00-18:00


(Final check-in time for Go-kart experience is 17:15)

Racing is Life

The go-kart track began operating on a trial basis from April 1, 2017. The eagerly anticipated G2-class international racing complex (racing building and reception center) was completed in November 2018. The green building techniques incorporated during construction combine sports, recreation and environmental protection concepts to create the unique “Racing is life” racing culture.

Lihpao Racing Park has three tracks: Lihpao Full Track, Cross-Country Track, and Go-Kart Track. The Full Track was planned by the world-renowned Portuguese racetrack designer Carlos Couto. Its 3.5 km length incorporates 23 bends similar to the street circuit used for the Monaco Grand Prix. It is the most fully featured international-standard racing track in Taiwan and the only one with a height difference of up to 5 stories along the track. The track is divided into zones named “Wind,” “Fire” and “Thunder” based on their respective attributes. The three elements embody the spirit of “swift as the wind, aggressive as fire, and movements like thunder” in motor racing. They also represent the absolute focus of racing drivers.

Professional facilities and equipment

The circuit is being gradually expanded under the “Lihpao Racing Park” concept. The existing Go-Kart building, Racing building and Reception Center will be joined by a motor racing museum, racing-themed restaurant and exhibition/experience spaces for international car makers. Extreme sports venues are also planned in the future. The many elements of the racing park will provide the general public in Taiwan with an irresistible attraction.

The general manager of Lihpao Racing Park’s ambitions do not stop there. He said that future races will not be limited to the racing track either. Street circuits like those of Macau and Japan will also be held. These events combined with Lihpao Group’s hotels throughout Taiwan will form an even more complete tourism chain. The people of Taiwan will not only get to experience world-class racing events first-hand but also discover the boundless potential of motor racing and recreational tourism in Taiwan.

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