Personal Information Protection Notification

I have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:
In providing your personal details to this web page you indicate your consent for its collection and processing by Lihpao Racing Park for use in customer service/marketing information/operational quality/corporate image/membership rights and other feedback services. You agree that our company may engage in the collection and use of related data. You can view our company’s privacy policy online or call the Lihpao Racing Park customer hotline on 04-25586086 between 9:30AM and 6:00 PM to check, browse, copy, update, amend, delete or cease collecting, processing or using your personal details. We will process your request as soon as possible.
We reserve the right to revise these terms and conditions.
A. Understanding and acceptance

In using the “Lihpao Racing Park” global website, you indicate that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by all the contents of this agreement. You understand that other websites are operated globally by this website through affiliated enterprises, including but not limited to the “Lihpao Racing Park” website. Once you register as a member on the website you may make use of the services on the other websites as well. By making use of the services on these websites, you indicate that you agree to abide by the membership rules of these websites and the applicable local laws.

B. Service introduction

The Internet is used by this website to provide you with a variety of travel information services.

C. Changes to membership rules

These rules may be amended by this website at any time. Please stop using this service if you do not agree to the changes. When you continue to use the services of this website, you indicate your acceptance of any changes made to these rules. By continuing use the “Lihpao Racing Park” website after any amendments or changes, you will be considered to have read, understood and agreed to abide by all the contents of this agreement. If you do not agree to the contents of this agreement, or the contents of this agreement are excluded partially or in full by your country or region, you should cease using the services of the “Lihpao Racing Park” website immediately.

D. Cancellation and change of services

This website reserves the right to suspend or change the contents of all member services without prior notification. Under no circumstances will this website accept any liability for any difficulties, inconvenience, or damage that may be caused by the cancellation or change of services.

E. Privacy protection

Respect for your personal privacy is a basic policy of this website. Unless required by law or the relevant competent authority, your name, address, e-mail and any personal information protected by law will not be disclosed by this website without your authorization. Please read through the “Terms and Conditions” of this statement. You agree that your personal information may be disclosed by this website in accordance with the law under the following circumstances: (1) When required by law and the relevant competent authority;(2) To protect the property and interests of this website;(3) Or to protect the safety of this website’s members or the general public with the member’s authorization or in an emergency.

F. Your account and password

You will receive a membership account and password upon registration. You are responsible for the safekeeping of your account name and password. You agree that you will not transfer or lend your membership account to a third party. If you find that your account was used without authorization or there are signs of abnormal use that compromise security, you should notify this website immediately to ensure the account safety.

G. Liability waiver

This website makes no explicit or implicit guarantees regarding member services. This website does not guarantee the stability, security, integrity and continuity of services. You explicitly consent to accept responsibility for the risks associated with the use of this service and any damages that may result. This website does not guarantee the transaction process or the actual merchandise themselves for merchandise sold through this website. You understand that the merchandise or services purchased through this website are the sole responsibility of the merchandise or service supplier. Any defects or warranties therefore have nothing to do with this website.

H. Limitations on compensation liability

This website will not be held liable for any direct, indirect or special damage that you suffer from the use of each membership service, or their non-use.

I. Your rights and responsibilities

You accept responsibility for all content published on or transmitted through this website. You also promise to adhere to all relevant national laws as well as international rules and conventions regarding to the Internet. Final decision on whether your behavior is in compliance with these rules is determined by this website. If this website decides that your behavior was in violation of these web rules or laws, you agree that the website may suspend your memberships services at any time.

J. Cancellation of services

You and this website both have the right to cancel your membership. You must notify this website in writing if you wish to cancel your membership. This website has the right to cancel each member service at any time. You fully understand the fact that no commitment was made by this website that services will not stop or be interrupted. If a member disputes or rejects the contents of this agreement, they should stop using this website immediately and notify the website to cancel their membership at once.

K. Advertising information or sales promotion

You understand that there are commercial advertising and sales promotions of various merchandise on this website. All such content is provided by advertisers or vendors with this website only serving as the medium for the publication of their content. When you purchase any products or services through the product and service information offered on this website, the parties to the transaction are you and the provider of said products and services, and nothing to do with this website.

L. General rules

These rules are based on the applicable rules of the Republic of China.